Fear Of The Horde

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Did you know that I don’t love everyone I meet in life? Yup, good golly miss molly, I don’t. I meet people online and I don’t like them. I meet people in real life and I don’t like them. You would never know I didn’t like them though, because I’m polite. If asked about certain people privately, I will usually give my opinion whilst being nice – because it is not the person’s fault that I don’t like them. It’s my choice to be like that.

Not a truer thing could be said for people in the celebrity / music / internet world. I don’t like everyone.

I can’t stand Drake’s music. I love Shia LeBeouf. Not a fan of Kevin Bacon, but he is redeeming himself in my eyes (his acting skills are pretty spot on and one of his characters made me dislike him). Not the biggest fan of Charlie Puth.

I would never ever go out of my way to be rude to someone, but I am allowed to not like them. I am allowed to not agree with the way they run their business / world.

How boring would this world be if we all agreed with every single thing in life.

What stops me from forming an opinion verbally to people (in a nice way) is the swarm of people that can come from a celebrity or online personality. Those who don’t agree with someone.

Instead of respecting that everyone is different, they attack. They verbally attack, and in a horrible way. Like a swarm of angry bees.

I have seen it far too many times online.

Once I voiced my opinion on Snapchat about the possibility of not agreeing with everything a blogger wrote about, and I was inundated with Snaps questioning me telling me “how could you possibly not like them”. It was actually a little scary, and that was the last time I ever said anything about them.

I shouldn’t have to do that. I shouldn’t have to worry about saying “Oh I think they’re a great person but I don’t like everything they do”.

Not all of us are the same. Not all of us agree with particular people. It doesn’t make us wrong, It makes us different.

What is truly unacceptable is abusing someone online for not agreeing with their opinion. NO ONE IS RIGHT

It makes me dislike so many people when I see them having a go at someone for not agreeing with them. It also makes me dislike the celebrity / musician / blogger more because they’re not actively asking their audience to respect that others have opinions.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is entitled to not like someone. You don’t have to like me – I’m ok with that.

What I ask of you is to think twice before you write a comment criticising someone for not liking someone else. I will never ask you to go into bat for me like that because I think that’s terrible.

You don’t need to bring someone else down in order to support someone. I actually teach my kids that “you don’t have to like someone, but you do have to be kind” …


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