FINALLY I Can See A Change


If you follow me on Snapchat (happymumnz), you will know that our house is in a constant state of renovation. It’s just the way it is when you a) are doing it by yourselves, and b) don’t have much money.

Someone once said to me “maybe if you stopped having naps you could work on the house and it’ll get it done quicker” … I absolutely agree I could do that. Not a lot of people know this but I can’t do a lot of stuff because of my back; however I do my best where I can (like I did today).

We have lived in this house for almost 4 years now, and our walls aren’t painted. For the first six months we had no bath, or shower; and we still don’t have a working vanity unit.

We changed our garage over to a bigger garage, which took a year; and have insulated in the roof.

Our bathroom used to have a separate toilet and shower, but we since merged them
There was a divider separating the dining room and lounge, which is now gone thanks to Phil and his brother

I’ve cried a lot about it because as you know, stuff like renovations and clutter, etc, can cause me a bit of anxiety. But I know we don’t have enough money, so just suck it up and deal with it.

Every now and then, the emotions come to the surface and I get a bit overwhelmed.

At the end of the day, my husband LOVES doing the work himself. He’s quite the handy-man and apart from the main electrical wiring into the house, he can do most of it himself.

So it all just takes time.


A few weeks ago I had a “can we please just pay someone to do this stuff” moment. It involved tears, and me of course realising that we can’t afford it.

Phil listened and heard me and has started working on our kitchen.

Today, I moved all of the pantry items into a couple of cupboards Phil had set up in our old laundry; and he then set to demolishing the old pantry. You can see all of what he did on my Snapchat.

He then removed as much as he could of the old pantry.

He can’t do anymore as the walls have electrical wiring in them, and one of the old pantry walls has the actual power box, so we need to get that moved.

BUT I am so proud of him for doing it; and I can’t believe how much of a change it has made!


Be sure to check out my Snapchat for more action shots of Phil doing an amazing job at demolishing the pantry.

FINALLY I Can See A Change

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