Five Going On 15


I don’t really know how to explain it, but I would imagine whatever is about to come in my kids’ teenage years, has just started.

When my 5 year old girl is NOT tired, she’s an emotional girl. She’s very sensitive, but I can’t be fooled by that because often I have to be careful she doesn’t take advantage of her brother with that emotion.

When she’s tired – it’s even worse.

The emotion is almost out of control. Dealing with this emotion can be very draining as I never really know what to do. I’ve read books, I’ve watched videos: I still have no f’ing clue what I’m doing.

I think that’s pretty much my entire parenting journey though: I have no f’ing clue.

The other night, my 5 year old was upset with me because I told her something she didn’t want to hear.

Instead of screaming about it (which she usually does), she ran down the hallway and slammed her door.

Goodness I wasn’t expecting that: especially from a 5 year old!!

I went down and said “did you just slam that door” – because I was in shock that it had happened. She’s only 5 after all, and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that it slammed by accident.

But no, she said “YES I slammed it, because you’re mean to me”. She looked pissed.

Which is fair enough – I’d probably be mad too if I didn’t understand!

So I told her that what she did was unacceptable, and that she needs to talk when she’s mad. I also explained to her what the situation was and why I told her off – she kind of calmed down.

If this is a sign of things to come then I am scared. VERY scared. Because I seriously have no idea how to handle this …


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