Flight Attendant Is Someone We All Need In Our Lives


Flight Attendant Is Someone We All Need In Our Lives

Imagine this, you’re sitting at the airport waiting to get on a flight and you see a parent with a baby; or even a toddler. The dread hits you – it’s going to be a long flight what if this kid cries or screams? What if they release terror on everyone in the plane?! WHAT HAPPENS IF MY LIFE IS DISRUPTED BY THIS CHILD?!

I’m pretty sure at one point or another, this thought has gone through our heads. Which is a bit ridiculous considering how short a flight is (in comparison with your life), and how much the parents must be suffering too.

Like the parents want to be trapped with their screaming kid – i think it’s worse for them actually because they’re the ones having to calm the child down.

ANYWAY – this popped up in my newsfeed and I thought I’d share it with you all. Carrie Jaboor was on an airplane sitting behind a mother and her two children. Halfway through the flight, the younger of the two (they think she was a year old) started to cry. Of course the mother tried to do everything, but she wouldn’t calm down.

So the flight attendant stepped in:

I’ve travelled to Ireland (from New Zealand) with an 18 month old, and I can tell you that Flight Attendants want EVERYONE happy. If a child is unhappy, then everyone is unhappy; so it’s in their best interest to keep everyone calm.

It’s so lovely to see this man doing this – for whatever reason he is.

Whether you’re in an enclosed space, or a giant warehouse, having a screaming child can be incredibly overwhelming. Not just for the bystanders – but for the parents too.

Do the bystanders think that the parent wants to be there in that situation? No way. In fact, I’ve been that person – with a screaming child.

I needed to go to the supermarket, and as soon as we got there my kid was like “let’s go back in the car”. No way out of it now, so had to just plough through. I tried to make him happy, but he wasn’t having a bar of it.

I’ve also been in a situation where another child was sitting behind me in a cafe screaming and his Mum looked exasperated. So I pulled a toy out of my bag and gave it to the kid. No idea if that helped or not, but I always try and do my part.

Obviously not everyone has toys in their bags, but sometimes even just a look of “I see you and I’m sorry” goes a long way.

So from myself, to all of the Flight Attendants out there who do their best with kids: thank you. Thank you from the other passenger’s perspective, and thank you from the mother’s perspective.

Sometimes I wish there were Flight Attendants but in every-day places. Like Life Attendants. They’re armed with chocolate, coffee, books and toys. To help everyone LOLOLLL


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