Friday Favourites: The One With The Beach

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Friday Favourites: The One With The Beach

I tried to step out of my comfort zone this week and do different things with the kids – so I took Ronan (3) to the beach and we had a blast. I’m not a huge fan of the beach to be completely honest, but I sucked it up for him haha

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FAVOURITE: Local Beaches

Ronan and I had a bit of a play date this week and headed off to the local beach. The tide was out but it was probably  more fun this way because the sand and rocks were exposed. I’m not a huge beach fan by any means: the sand, the water, the sun … not my thing at all! But my kids (and so many others) love this, so I bit the bullet and just took him. Lathered up in sunscreen and covered in clothes (I hate getting burned). We actually had a lot of fun.


FAVOURITE: Having a laugh

Someone took my photo (my personal photo) and used it on their Facebook page as their profile photo. I reported the Facebook page but sadly they didn’t do anything about it. I also tried to report the photo itself but it turns out the only option for me is to “block the user”, which still doesn’t stop them from using my photo. So instead, I called them out – and hilarity ensued …


FAVOURITE: Reading Eggs 4 Week Free Trial

Guys, don’t forget that the 4 week free trial offer from is almost up, so get in quick! Reading Eggs is the multi-award winning online reading programme that makes learning to read fun and easy for kids aged 3–13! Try it for yourself and let me know how your child likes the programme.

Sign up here for the free trial:!  Hurry, offer ends 28 February 2017!


FAVOURITE: School Guidelines Around Lunches

I wrote a post this week discussing how I felt about schools having guidelines in places for lunches. I know it can be a polarising topic for some – and make others angry. However we are all entitled to our opinions, right?!


FAVOURITE: Emily Writes’ Book

The amazing Emily from Emily Writes has written a book called Rants In The Dark. I pre-ordered a copy but I also got sent a PR pack with a whole bunch of goodies to celebrate it’s launch. I am beyond excited to read this, although lord knows when I’ll find the time haha!


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