Friday Favourites: The One About The Biscuits

Friday Favourites:
The One About The Biscuits


Had a relatively good week this week, although ended up at the A&E with my girl after she fell off the swings at Kindy. Nothing broken, but her arm is still quite sore.

I baked up a storm this week, in preparation for next week’s School Holidays. I LOVE baking, but sometimes I have major fails, as you may have seen on my Snapchat (happymumnz).

Be sure to join my LIVE chat tonight on Facebook as I’ll be giving away some tickets to a movie event here in Auckland (see number 3 below!).

What has been your favourite thing about this week?  Check out my five things:


1. Biscuits

Guys I discovered this 2 INGREDIENT BISCUIT recipe and it’s A-FREAKING-MAZING. Well … I loved it. My kids took a bit of convincing haha

With only two ingredients, the biscuits are easy to make, and they contain NO sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no nuts … must be cardboard you think?! NAH HAHA don’t be a skeptic!



2. Storks

Took Chloe to a preview of the movie Storks on the weekend, and we had a blast! Hilarious characters, and a pretty neat story line. Chloe’s only 4 and she loved it – her favourite character (AND MINE!) was the wee baby. Was quite partial to the Wolf Pack scenes too – but you’ll have to watch the movie to see about that. They had me in tears!

This girl and I are headed off to see a preview of Storks. She is very excited ????

A photo posted by Maria (@happymumhappychild) on


3. Mums Night Out

I bought some tickets to a Mums Night Out, which is happening next month in Auckland. Fundraising for the Mother’s Helpers organisation, this event is all about chilling out as a parent and watching a movie together. Bridget Jones’ Baby to be precise! They’ll be goodie bags, food and more!

I’m going to be there, and if you’d like to join me, you can get yourself a ticket HERE. ALSO I’ll be giving away THREE tickets tonight on my LIVE STREAM! WHOOP!!!


4. Daddy’s Day Off

I asked my husband to take the day off work on Tuesday, so that he could be with the kids during their swimming lesson. He misses out on so much of this because he’s at work, and I thought he should experience at least one lesson with them!

He used to be a competitive swimmer, but doesn’t get in the water as much as he used to – so he really loved being there for the kids AND himself.

He took the day off to go with the kids to swimming ????

A photo posted by Maria (@happymumhappychild) on


5. Ultimate Guide for Lunches

After being asked multiple times for ideas on what to put in our lunch boxes, I put together this ultimate guide on filling your kids’ lunchbox.

Lunchbox Ideas for Kids

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