Friday Favourites: The One About Emily

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Friday Favourites: The One About Emily

This week was particularly rough. Second week without my husband, and I got a wicked stomach bug. The two saving graces were my kids, and the fact that I got to go and see Emily Writes speak at her book launch. It always makes me super happy inside to see another woman succeeding. Read all about my favourites of the week below!

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What has been your favourite (or least favourite) thing about this week?  Check out my five things:


FAVOURITE: Emily Writes

Yet again this woman is making my week better with her book “Rants In The Dark“. Like I’ve said previously, I don’t really get a lot of time to read, so my go-to moment is just before I fall asleep. I also popped along to Emily’s book launch in Devonport, where we heard her get interviewed and read a couple of exerts from her book. It really was lovely to see her in her element, and I do recommend checking out Rants In The Dark if you’re in need of a book. Be sure to keep an eye on my website in the next week or so (depending on how fast I finish it) for the review.


FAVOURITE: Online Shopping

Last week I finally gave in and did my first Countdown shop online. Holy smokes that was a lot of fun! I think I spent hours just looking through everything; the mailer, the deals, THE AISLEEESSSS … it was way too easy. I think I spent about $100 in total, but I didn’t get all of my fruit and vegetable needs; sometimes I like to pick those things myself.



My kids might drive me insane some days, but they often impress me in times of need. This week I was hit by a serious stomach bug and needed to rest. My kids allowed me this and were amazing.


FAVOURITE: PlanetBox Rover

I bought the PlanetBox Rover to review for my Lunch Box review series, with every intention of giving it away. However because it nearly cos the Earth, I decided to keep it. It has been absolutely amazing for her. It allows me to give her so many options for her lunch and she often eats EVERYTHING (which always surprises me.

You can buy the PlanetBox from This link is an affiliate link, which means if you make a purchase then I receive a small commission for directing you to the Biome website.



Renee from the F.A.B Mumma blog, recently asked me to write about my experience with depression. In all honesty, I love speaking about my experience, even if it does bring up bad memories. Mainly because I know that just by one person speaking about it, might help someone else. Even in a small way.

If you’d like to read this, head over to the F.A.B Mumma website!


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