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Birthday Giveaway by Happy Mum Happy Child
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The 1st August 2015 marks the anniversary I started my blog.  It has come a long way since I first started, which is due in large part, to you guys.  So to say thank you, I would love to give away this wee birthday gift to you guys … This is a bit of a “Keeping Sane” pack.  Something for you and your kid – from me to you 😀


The pack will contain:

  • 1 x packet of Griffins Jelly Tip Biscuits
  • 1 x block of Whittakers Jelly Tip Chocolate
  • 1 x block of Whittakers Milk Strawberry Chocolate
  • 1 x block Cadbury Top Deck Chocolate
  • 1 x block Cadbury Raspberry & Lemonade Chocolate
  • 1 x pack of macaron erasers
  • 1 x pack of animal erasers
  • 1 x pack of dessert erasers
  • 1 x pack of transport erasers
  • 1 x chocolate ice cream pen
  • 1 x pineapple notepad

If you think of anyone who might like to win this, head back to my FACEBOOK page and share the post or tag a friend in it and let them know 😀


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