Going It Alone: My Routine

Going it Alone 02So I’m almost a week down into this solo parenting gig while my husband is away overseas, and I couldn’t be more proud of my children and of myself.

I have implemented a pretty strict day routine (not specifically about what we do, just the key moments during the day).

The image just below is what is on my fridge.  The key points for me are NAP TIME.  This is at 1pm.  I then wake both of my kids up (2 & 4 years old) at 3.30pm.

DINNER is at 5.30pm.  At 7.30pm we start talking about bedtime, which is at 8pm.  At 7.55pm, we do “Toilet, Teeth, Bed”.  The three steps before bedtime.

Then 8pm = BEDTIME.

Photo 18-12-15, 2 42 36 PM

My 2 year old’s Gro Clock goes off at 5.30am, and my daughter’s is 6am.  Since I have told them my expectations that they stay in bed until the clock turns yellow, they have done it.

I am so proud of my kids.

They are sleeping through the night, and they are waking up happy with the Gro Clock at the specific times..

These are the things I find work for me:

  • Having a routine
  • Sticking to the routine
  • Communicate – talking to your kids about your expectations
  • Praise
  • Patience – it might not happen the first night, but if you stick to what you are doing, it will work
  • Persistance – don’t give up, keep trying, keep talking to them about your expectations

I find one of the KEY things with my kids, apart from having the routine, is communicating with them.  Letting them know what I want.

After everyone has had their breakfast, I say “Ok guys, now it’s time for me to have a cuppa”, and I set them up doing something and sit down by myself (at the kitchen table haha) and have a cup of coffee.

Like I have said several times – I am proud of my kids for understanding and for sleeping and allowing me to sleep haha … but I am also proud of myself.  For sticking to my guns …

Have you found something that works particularly well during your day?  Let me know below!


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