Top Toys for Christmas Review

How lucky were my kids to be chosen for the Top Toys for Christmas review!?  The idea was that we chose 6 of the top toys and reviewed them.  Which essentially meant that I painstakingly put them together, and they played with them.

I did all the hard work and they reaped the rewards.

Also the six we chose to review were also donated to Starship Hospital on our behalf. And as you guys know, all of our old toys get donated as well, so when my kids have finished testing them out, they’ll go somewhere special for someone else to use 🙂

Here is our review on the toys we received.  Please remember, although I didn’t purchase these toys, the below thoughts and opinions are my own.


Barbie CamperBarbie Camper
From:  The Warehouse & Farmers
Price: RRP $199.99
Age: 3+

Great, large toy.  Several areas to be played with – multiple kids can play at once.  Pretty awesome features including a toilet, pool, slide, kitchen, table, chairs, and MORE.  THREE WHOLE LEVELS OFF UN!

BOTH of my kids loved this one.  Although with the 2 year old, I definitely had to be careful with the smaller accessories.  As the age recommendation suggests 3+ is ideal.

I recommend it should be set up first – lots of stickers, and bits that need setting up.  The kids basically wanted to play with it straight away and there were things that they couldn’t play with because I had to set them up.  Also it’s so frustrating wanting to put stickers on stuff like this and the kids are all up in your grill.  Just do it before hand.  Especially if you’re a perfectionist like me and like the stickers to be on the correct way.  If you don’t care, then it’s not a problem.




Mega BloksMega Bloks Train Set
From: The Warehouse Farmers
Price:  RRP $40
Age:  1-5

Beautiful bright coloured blocks.  PERFECT for small hands.  Very easy to use, and my boy absolutely loved it.

Very easy for kids to put on and take off the blocks.  Loads of different colours and shape sizes.

Only issue that I had was the fact I had to put the stickers on the blocks – they don’t come pre-numbered, or pre-designed.  The blocks are plain until you add the stickers.  Great if

RATING: 7/10



Barbie FashionistaBarbie Fashionista Doll
From: The Warehouse Farmers
Price:  RRP $22.99
Age: 3+

A nice basic barbie with some fashion accessories.  My daughter did enjoy it, however as she was also had the Ever After High Royal Doll (review below) as well, she much preferred that one.

RATING: 7/10



Ever After High Royal DollEver After High Royal Doll
From: The Warehouse Farmers
Price: RRP $40.00
Ages: 6+

Able to move the doll a lot more than a regular barbie.  A few neat accessories, as well as random bits of clothing which are nothing like a barbie.

A great little “story” that goes with it, but because my daughter is younger, she didn’t understand that.

Although this one was aimed at children much older than my daughter (who is 4), she absolutely LOVED it.  It is more of an “unrealistic” doll which she seemed to love.  And the accessories were a hit.

RATING: 10/10 



Thomas Track Master Shipwreck RailsThomas Track Master Shipwreck Rails
From: The Warehouse Farmers
Price: RRP $149.99
Ages: 3-6 years

Both kids absolutely loved this.  Putting it together was definitely a team effort, and was enjoyed by both of them – although I did have to tell them to step back a few times, and to “take your feet off the tracks”, so that I could finish setting it up.

Once assembled, the little motorised train went around the tracks and did some awesome flips and turns.  It’s quite a spectacle!  My 2 year old absolutely ABSOLUTELY fell in love with it.  He’s a big train fan, so this wasn’t surprising.

We ended up going to Farmers later on and getting another train as the kids fought like crazy over the one that was there haha … KIDS!

Just in case you’re wondering about the “novelty” wearing off – my kids put all kinds of weird things around this track – trucks, cars, food … they are still playing with it.  So along with the motorised train it comes with, it’s still fun for them!

RATING: 9/10 



Hot Wheels Stack a TrackHot Wheels Stack a Track
From: The Warehouse Farmers
Price: RRP $59.99
Ages: 6+

Another pretty fun toy to set up – got the kids involved in this one as it was relatively easy.

The kids put the stickers on themselves (I did twitch when this happened, but I was ok, so don’t worry guys), and then had a lot of fun sending cars (and trains, trucks, food and a ruler) down the ramps.

The great thing about this is that you can add on tracks from other Hot Wheels sets.  AND this particular set can be made up multiple ways, not just the way in the main picture.

If I’m honest, I’m not sure what one part of the track is for (kind of like a mult-level small “tunnel”?) … but assume it is meant to be interchangeable with other Hot Wheels kits / accessories.

RATING: 8/10



Here are some photos of the kids playing with the toys:

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At the beginning of this little adventure, I was sure the Barbie Pop Up Camper was going to be their favourite, but in the end it was the Thomas Track Master Shipwreck Rails set for my boy (and honestly, the girl loved it too) but she was seriously taken by the Ever After High Royal Doll.

We had a lot of fun being testers, and are so grateful to be given this opportunity!  Hopefully these reviews help you to make a decision this Christmas!

If you could have any of the above for your kids, which one would you choose?




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