Going it Alone: Nights 2 – 4

Going it Alone 02Well, after you guys gave me some GREAT advice, and backed up exactly what I was thinking, I have had THREE amazing nights from my kids.

My kids (2 yrs & 4 yrs) used to have an afternoon sleep which went on for HOURS.  And after consulting with my Facebook team (which is pretty much you haha), we decided that 3.30pm was going to be their wake up time.

So for the last 3 days, I’ve been waking them up at 3.30pm.  And it’s been going great.

I’ve written a schedule out, and taped it to the fridge.  Between 7.30-8pm we start getting ready for bed, and by 8pm the kids are in bed.

My 4 year old takes about an hour to get to sleep, and my 2 year old is usually out within 5 minutes.

Every night for 30 minutes prior to bed, I talk to my 2 year old and tell him my expectations – that everyone needs to have a good sleep, including Mum, so if he wakes up he needs to try and go back to sleep.  I won’t be coming in to get him.

I then say “Do you understand me” and he says “Yes” – although it’s always questionable with a 2 year old whether or not they’re just saying it to get you off their back HAHAHA

Either way, both kids have slept through the night with NO wake ups.

We have Gro Clocks (sleep training clocks) in both of the kids rooms, so they know when it’s acceptable to wake up (between 530 and 6am).

Now my only issue is that my boy is waking up at 5am, and his Gro Clock is set to 530am.  So I’ve told him “I’m not coming in unless the sun is out on your clock” (which is what I say ALL THE TIME), but he still wakes up :/

5am is too early!  Right or Wrong!?  HELP!


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