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Review for:  GoodieBox

GoodieBox Review by Happy Mum Happy ChildI was extremely lucky to be asked to do a review on the GoodieBox subscription service.

In essence you pay a monthly fee to receive a GoodieBag full of beauty products. These products will range from samples to full sized products.

You can purchase your GoodieBox direct from

As a GoodieBox member you will receive a box containing 4 or more full size beauty products each month worth over $75. Samles range from travel size to full size.

Why not buy it for yourself – YOU DESERVE A TREAT AS WELL!

I actually recorded an unboxing video, which I uploaded to my Facebook page.   You can either watch it there, or watch below:


So I received FIVE products:

  1. Be A Bombshell Liquid Eyeliner (Full Size) – RRP $22
  2. Be A Bombshell Eye Crayon (Full Size) – RRP $25
  3. Harvey Prince Hello Mini Roller (Full Size 8.8ml) – RRP $33
  4. Broadway Nails Press & Go – RRP $21.95
  5. 2 x Pilaten Collagen Lip Masks (Full Size) – RRP $10.99

PLUS the GoodieBag, which is essentially like a makeup bag. So that’s a total bonus!

GoodieBag 04
Click on image to enlarge

Ok so HONESTLY,  initially I was like “where’s the lipstick!?” HAHA … because clearly I can’t be pleased.

I then had to remind myself that this is a SUBSCRIPTION service (and IMO a cheap one at that!), and therefore you don’t get every-single-thing at once.  I think we all need to remember this.

I felt, that the products were good quality, and I absolutely fell in love with the fragrance.  The colours of the Eyeliner and Eye Crayon aren’t colours I’ve got in my collection – so I am excited to try them out and see how they look.  I am not afraid of trying something new haha

It’s a fantastic surprise opening it up and seeing what is in there – and what a great way to start building your beauty product collection and trying different products that are out there!

I highly recommend this service – especially with Christmas coming up.  What a gift to give!  And you don’t even have to give it to someone else.  Why not buy it for yourself – YOU DESERVE A TREAT AS WELL!

The subscription service comes in TWO different options:

  1. Monthly – $33.50 ($33.50 per bag)
  2. Quarterly – $95 ($31.60 per bag)

If you use the code HAPPYMUM when purchasing your GoodieBox, then you can get $5 off the Quarterly Subscription – which brings the cost per bag down to $30!  And in my honest opinion, that is a great deal!

Along with the ability to subscribe to the GoodieBox, their website contains the products you receive, which means you can purchase them if you want, in future.

So head over there now and check out their service!  Also let me know below – have you ever subscribed to this or anything similar?  What do you think?

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