Things I Love

Things I Love 01aThis is a new weekly feature of mine – every Thursday I’m going to share the 5 things that I have LOVED for the week.

This list isn’t necessarily about products that are amazing – it could be something that happened that was awesome.

1. The IPad
This precious device will quite possibly be number one every single week.  And I’m ok with that.  It’s my number one go-to when I’m losing the plot.  Which feels like a lot :/

2. McDonald’s Toys
The family went to McD’s on Wednesday and they actually had half decent toys there!  Have provided my kids with at least 30 minutes of play, so that’s a win in my eyes!

3.  Kindy
Saving my daughter and I from killing each other since ages ago (this may be a regular in this list as well).

4.  Our Over-Grown Garden
In an attempt to look like I have my life together, I weeded some of the garden this week. Not only did it make me feel slightly better, but it provided at least 90 minutes of outdoor entertainment for my kids.

5.  Fresh Strawberries
We have access to fresh strawberries and I’m LOVING being able to nip outside and grab a couple for breakfast and snacks.  I don’t usually get to eat them, but the kids are SURE loving them.

Writing this list was fun, because it made me think about my week and what I was grateful for and what helped to get me through.  Wine should also be on this list, but because I can’t look like an alcoholic, I won’t add it …. HAHAHA!

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