Grateful: The Other Half



So, I don’t normally talk about my husband, or what he does.  Mainly because I don’t like rubbing it in other people’s faces (and that’s how I feel it would be perceived), but I do feel like it needs to be said:

My husband is bloody amazing.

Sure, he leaves random socks lying around.  Doesn’t do with the dishes all the time.  Forgets to change the toilet roll.  Leaves empty coke bottles in the fridge.  NEVER makes the bed.

But by golly does he make up for it.

Apart from being a phenomenal person inside, and out.  He is also, a pretty darn awesome parent.

Ever since my daughter was a baby, he has done his best to make it easy for me.  He took her out for walks, grocery shopping, to visit his parents.  Every opportunity he had, he gave me a break.  He makes dinner for him and I EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

10590493_10152575438351772_4988224665071983768_n He does the main grocery shop.  WITH THE KIDS.

And he still does it to this day.

Because our bathroom situation is still a little “up in the air”, he takes the kids to his parents house at night.  Two birds, one stone.  Bath and give me a break.

On the weekends he takes them out most mornings, and I get the WHOLE morning to myself.

Most of the time I work.  Work on my website.  Work around the house.  But the odd time I’ve gone back to bed, or just sat here and watched Charmed on Netflix (LOLOL true).  Regardless of what I do, it’s MY TIME.  Time when the kids aren’t there and in my face (I love them, but you know what I mean).

Once, he took a WHOLE DAY off work for my birthday.  So that I didn’t have to parent alone that day.

I am an avid believer that parenting is a joint venture.  I play my part, and he plays his.  And I can tell you, without a doubt, I couldn’t do this parenting thing without him.

He is a wonderful person.

What is your partner like?  Does he / she help out?


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