Hilariously Horrible Advice For Pregnant Women Throughout History


I read this “Horrible Advice for Pregnant Women throughout History” this afternoon and couldn’t help but giggle …





I read the above article after seeing George Takei sharing it on Facebook.  Holy crap did I laugh!  But I was also concerned – some of the things I’m sure people believed was INCREDIBLE!

Some of my favourite lines are:

  • Don’t eat spicy foods or they will make your fetus blind
  • Consuming soft cheese would make your unborn son’s penis small
  • Quiet, happy mothers made quiet, happy babies
  • Smoking made pregnant mothers “calmer” and thus had a positive impact on the unborn baby

SMOKING IS A POSITIVE?!  Sheesh we’ve come a long way – don’t you think!?

Have you guys heard of anything weird and strange people used to do or think when they were pregnant?



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