Healthy Halloween Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snacks

Here in New Zealand, Halloween hasn’t been around for that long (well not when I was a kid … IT WASN’T THAT LONG AGO!! HAHA) … But now it is becoming apparent that it is here to stay.

Already the supermarkets are full of “Halloween Candy”, enticing our young ones to get excited about this one day of the year.

Traditionally, Halloween is filled with a lot of sugar, and lollies. I personally don’t mind my kids having a little bit every-now-and-then, and if on Halloween they indulge a little more, then I’m ok with it.

However, in the spirit of providing my kids with a balanced diet, I thought I would put together these 3 healthy Halloween snacks.

You can do these by yourself, or get your kids involved.  I guarantee your kids will love them!



Mandarin Pumpkins———————


Ghoulish Grapes



Apple Jack O Lantern



Healthy Halloween Snacks for Pinterest


Whether you choose to let your kids indulge in a little sweet treat or the healthy version this Halloween, it’s so important to remember to get them to brush their teeth well afterwards.

To bring a bit more excitement to the morning and night routine, the Philips Sonicare  for Kids Toothbrush actually encourages independent brushing and makes it fun at the same time – WIN! The brush includes a KidTimer that uses fun music to progressively teach kids the recommended 2 minute brushing time, making sure those pearly whites get the attention they deserve. Plus, the Philips Sonicare for Kids range comes with fun interchangeable stickers for customisation, allowing kids to also dress up their brush in the spirit of Halloween!  

The Philips Sonicare technology means with each use, your child’s teeth are getting a deep clean. It’s gentle vibrations and dynamic side-to-side action helps ensure their teeth are properly cared for with each brush.  Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrushes have 31,000 brush movements per minute – which removes more plaque than a manual toothbrush (especially when the kids seem to have better things to do!)

The Philips Sonicare for Kids toothbrush is now available in selected Farmers, Noel Leeming, Harvey Norman and Heathcote Appliances stores for RRP $99.95.


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