New Website Tells You How Long Your Supermarket Line Is

A New Zealand website has been developed to let you know how long the queue is at your local supermarket.

During the Level 4 lockdown here in New Zealand, heading to the supermarket to get essentials can be more of a chore than it usually is.

Instead of wandering in, grabbing a trolley and getting what you want; things are much more complicated due to the rapid spread of Covid-19.

Supermarkets are having to implement measures to ensure the health and safety of us (the customers) and their own staff. This includes only letting a limited number of people into their stores at one time, which can lead to their being queues outside of the store (sometimes up to an hour long).

One store here in Auckland (Pak n Save Royal Oak), offers a text service – you arrive, text a number, and then wait in your car until you’re sent a text message advising it’s your turn to come into the store.

Brilliant right?!

Gareth Hayes, Dunedin web developer, has come to the rescue, for the rest of us, with a genius website called How Long Is The Line.

He’s designed it to let us know how long the queues are at your local supermarket, allowing you to plan the best time to go.

Originally set up to work in Dunedin, How Long Is The Line now allows users from anywhere in New Zealand to input their local supermarket with the current wait times.

Store owners can also do this themselves.

If you visit How Long Is The Line and realise your supermarket is not listed, then be a good guy and add it plus the current wait times.

Thanks to Gareth (and anyone else of course) who helped organise this resource – and to the rest of you, make sure you update it! Otherwise it’s useless haha



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