How To Survive A Trip To The Supermarket With Kids

I have come across the ultimate tip when it comes to surviving a trip to the supermarket with kids …

A trip to the supermarket, with kids, is like something out of a horror movie. Hands everywhere, screaming, questions, tantrums … the constant “can I have this?” …

It’s enough to drive anyone insane, and scar you for life; making you never want to go again.

I learned early on that even if you prepare down to the smallest detail, things can still go wrong.

  • I have given my kids food before we go: they’ll still yell that they’re hungry
  • I will offer them bribes to not scream and yell: doesn’t work
  • I put one in the trolley, and one walks: they still fight
  • I threaten to leave the supermarket and get nothing: doesn’t work (plus I actually need to be there so it’s an idle threat HA!)
  • When the child in the trolley asks to get down and promises he’ll be good: NEVER LISTEN
  • Children running around a supermarket is like a scene from Jumanji. Don’t do it.

So I have come across the best tip ever on how to survive a trip to the supermarket with kids.

It’s one I have discovered after considerable pain and suffering and I highly recommend you start practicing this now:


Genius right? Like why didn’t I think of this earlier!




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