Surviving Summer

Surviving Summer


SUMMER IS COMING; and just like on Game of Thrones (with Winter coming), Summer is going to be brutal.

Think hot sunny days where we get to spend the WHOLE day outside – until 9pm. Think beaches, picnics, BBQ’s, Pool parties (if you’re lucky enough).

Summer is where it’s at, and it’s ALMOST HERE!

Along with the awesome weather though, comes the less-than-desirable part: hot sticky days (especially here in Auckland), and hot sticky nights. Even worse if you’re 39 weeks pregnant (which I have been during Summer).

Here are some tips to surviving summer:


Open the windows, doors, and EVERYTHING that opens to let whatever air there is, get through the house.

If you have an electric fan, get it going. Use it to help move the air around the house. Often in Summer we get those hot days with little to no wind, so making sure the air moves is a MUST.

Change the sheets on your bed to cotton sheets. Take the winter flannelette sheets off!

Remember to drink an appropriate amount of fluids. This is especially important for kids who often don’t remember to drink. Dehydration can happen very quickly on hot days, especially if the kids are outside playing. Hydralyte have a range of ready-to-drink electrolyte products including ice blocks! If you’re concerned that your kids aren’t drinking enough, let them enjoy the ice block!

Also Hydralyte is great if you’re pregnant – because if you’re anything like me in the dead of summer, sweating up a storm can definitely cause dehydration.

Have a shower in the afternoon to cool off. A COLD ONE. Not a hot one. Sometimes if it’s really hot, and you’re pregnant, it can be very overwhelming. So literally chill out in the shower for 5 minutes.

Try and BBQ in the Summer – not only is it kind of a tradition, it means you aren’t using the stove / oven inside. Which means you’re not heating up the house.

Wear cool clothes, open shoes, hats and sunscreen. Protect yourself from the heat AND the sun – which can burn in as little as 10 minutes.  Especially here in NZ.

Enjoy your meals outside in the shade, under an umbrella or a tree. It’s great to be out there, but you don’t want to cook yourselves at the same time!


Introducing Hydralyte

Remember to look after yourself this Summer. Slip, slop, slap and wrap – keep yourself covered. Keep yourself cool. And keep yourself hydrated.

Hydralyte have a great range of ready-to-drink / use products designed to hydrate the whole family. Located in your local pharmacy, Hydralyte can be kept in the pantry / fridge / freezer until needed.



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Thanks to Hydralyte for making this post possible, and keeping my kids hydrated!

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