My Husband Taught Our Daughter A Lesson & I’m Beyond Proud of Him

The other day when my husband took our kids out, they ended up at a local hardware store. This store (and many others like it) had a playground that kids could use.

In this particular playground were a few children, one of whom didn’t look the same as the other kids. His facial features were unique, and the children (not just ours) were apprehensive about playing alongside him.

When my husband started telling me this story my heart sank, because I really dislike that kind of thing but understand how kids can be. Especially young kids who don’t know any better.

I assumed they didn’t play in the end, but my husband told me he did this:

I got down on her level and I explained to her that just because he looked different didn’t mean he was any different to her. That he was just a kid like her and wants to have fun too. Don’t be afraid to go and play with him – he might love that.

He said he said it in a way where she listened to him and what he said and then she went off to play.

I would have never expected my husband to do this, and I am beyond proud of him for doing so.

Just because a child, or anyone in life, looks different, doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated any differently than anyone else.

This is an important lesson all of us could do with remembering, and I a grateful to my husband for stepping up and talking to my girl about it.

Words and actions not only define us, but hurt others.

It’s good we teach our kids this from a young age. A child (or adult) is not defined by his or her differences.


My Husband Taught Our Daughter A Lesson

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