My Husband’s Christmas Wish List

I told my husband quite specifically, “think of what you want for Christmas, and remember – money isn’t an option”.  Now I said this because we aren’t getting each other gifts.  And dreams are free.

That said.  Number 2 is pretty cool and I’d totally support that one HAHA …


Husbands Wish List 011. Dewalt drill and impact driver
Impact drivers provide much higher torque but in rapid bursts–very much like a hammer provides bursts of linear force.  Blah blah blah … it’s a tool.  And my husband will use it.  I don’t need to know anymore



Husbands Wish List 022. Trailer for the kids
This is a wee trailer that attaches to the back of a pedal bike.  My husband rides his bike to work every day, and would love to be able to take the kids on day trips on the weekend.  The double pram we have is getting a bit too small for our two, so this would be a PERFECT solution!



Husbands Wish List 033. Drill press
It’s a drill press.  We used to use one in Woodwork at High School.  Pretty self explanatory, and again, it’s for him, not me.  So I don’t really need to know anything else HAHA



Weekend Getaway4. Weekend Away
I think we could both do with this, which is why it’s on MY LIST as well.  Just a time out together where we can not have the kids in our face 24/7 (don’t get me wrong, I love my kids!).



Husbands Wish List 045. Thicknesser
This is like a plane?  Like a sanding plane?  I don’t know.  I looked it up but it got confusing for my brain, so I just found the picture and left the rest.



As you can see, 3/5 of these are tools for doing work on our house.  Which I’m all for!

Do you know what your partner / husband wants?  Ask them what their “dream wish list” would be and let me know!



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