I Can’t Read The News


I Can’t Read The News

Now it’s not because I’m blind, but because every second news story seems to be about children being abused, or dying. Or dying after being abused. Or being buried alive and surviving, just barely.

Since becoming a parent, my ability to tolerate children-related news stories has plummeted. In fact, I can’t do it anymore.

Of course I realise this makes me a bit of a dick for ignoring the news, but I legitimately just can’t deal with the horrible news out there in the world.

Call me naive; call me ignorant; call me whatever you want. Reality is, I am much more affected now than I ever was when it comes to news stories about kids.

It’s like something inside of me is slowly breaking and being destroyed.

I already found child abuse, etc terrible, but now it really kills me inside.

Do you guys know what I mean?



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