My Top 5 NZ Made Toys For Young Kids



My Top 5 NZ Made Toys For Young Kids

One thing that I love to do, as a Human Being, is appreciate where I am from: New Zealand. I love our wee country down here and everything about it. Even more so, I love knowing that products have originated in New Zealand and continue to have a history here too – for all generations.

Supporting local is what I love to do, so I thought I’d put together this list of New Zealand made toys for young kids. Surprisingly, while I was searching through the thousands of pages I have at my disposal (thanks Internet), it became very apparent that there aren’t as many New Zealand Made toy places out there as I thought.

Here are FIVE of these NZ made toys, most of which my children have used …


1. Busy Bags

Busy Bags are a resource for parents: each bag contains an activity for your child to do. The activities encourage learning in many different ways, and in my house we have at least 5 of these bags. A huge range of Busy Bags are made right here in New Zealand and perfect for children to keep them entertained and educated at the same time!


2. Miracle Toys

Used in homes and classrooms around the country, their hardwearing children’s jigsaw puzzles, magnetic stories, and Junior Electrics range bring a unique and entertaining dimension to learning through interactive storytelling and engaging play. All materials sourced in New Zealand. They are also screen printed and made by the owner in her home in Kawhia!


3. Gepetto Toys

Both of my kids had a Gepetto Doll toy when they were babies, and we loved it.. Gepetto’s workshop is in the Central Otago town of Alexandra, New Zealand. The wood used in Gepetto’s toys is the locally grown sycamore maple, a readily regenerating species we harvest for toy production.


4. Sooo Me

These super cute chalk board towns are made here in New Zealand by the wonderful Nell of Sooo Me. Shaped like buildings, your children can create anything they want simply by using chalk.


5. Needle & Nail

NZ Made Toys - Needle & Nail

I almost couldn’t pick a toy from this range – because everything in here is amazing. Beautifully hand made by New Zealand parents, these are definitely worth checking out.


Karicare Toddler Milk is another product made right here in New Zealand. The milk is sourced from Kiwi cows, by Kiwi farmers on Kiwi farms, our toddler milks are developed especially for your little Kiwi.


Thank you so much to Karicare for making this post possible, and help me find some pretty neat toys.


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