I Had An Affair?


I Had An Affair?

Actually no, I didn’t have an affair but I was accused of having one!!

I actually received a letter in the post saying “Your wife having affair”.

It was a couple of years ago now, but here’s my Facebook post::

Basically I checked the mail one day and there was a random letter in the letterbox. It said “YOUR WIFE HAVING AFFAIR”. I freaked out.

Seriously freaked out.

I had no idea who wrote it, and I knew it wasn’t true.

I laughed and then thought “what if my husband doesn’t believe me when I said it’s not true” … although I know he wouldn’t. But the thought still crossed my mind.

And one of my biggest fears is that even though I tell the truth about things, no one will believe me.

ANYWAY … turns out the neighbours also got the same letter and this person was ending them randomly out to people on our street.

The NZ Herald got in touch and then wrote an article about it. SO BIZARRE right?!


Something like this is unacceptable. It made me panic; it made me worry. As I said above, one of my biggest fears in life is that people don’t believe what I say.

Since growing an audience on social media this has become more true – more and more lies get spread about me and it’s devastating.

I urge anyone reading this, who likes me or not, to try and not believe anything you hear. If you have an issue, go to the source and see what they say first before passing judgement.


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