The Night Away: REALITY


The Night Away: REALITY

Five weeks ago, my husband left for 10 days away in Europe for work. This turned into 3 weeks away, and then BOOM school holidays. During this five weeks (most of which it was just me and the kids), both the kids and I were sick.

We spent a lot of time together.

I needed a break. The kids needed a break. So I made an executive decision and asked my parents to look after the kids for a night.

It was the children’s first night away, and OUR first night away.

We dropped the kids off to our parents house, then took a train into town – where we stayed for the night.

I was BEYOND excited ALL week to have this time to ourselves.

To actually be able to chat to each other without someone screaming “MUM” at the top of their lungs is truly a dream.

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Towards the end of the night, while we were eating dessert, Phil and I actually decided although it was great to be out, we prefer our own house.

In reality Phil and I are home-bodies. We love being at home (with or without the kids). It’s like our safe zone.

Yes it’s great to get away, but last night made me realise we don’t actually need to leave the house for 24 hours to get a break.

We could simply have gone out for dinner and that would have been great.

Our conversation over dinner, just the two of us, was actually quite amazing.

Being away was nice, but I missed being home. Of course I missed the kids, but I knew they were safe and happy with my parents.

Coming back home the next day, with the kids in tow, was fantastic.

I still feel a little out of it today actually.

I am beyond grateful for that time away though. It gave me a lot of clarity around our relationship, and what we should be doing moving forward.

Time alone without kids is essential IMO, but perhaps we don’t need to leave the house to have it.

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