I Swear I’m Not A Bad Parent



I Swear I'm Not A Bad Parent

Honest!  I swear I’m not a bad parent!  But sometimes I wonder what people think haha …

Today when I picked my daughter up from Kindy, the first words she yelled (and LOUDLY) were ‘DID YOU BRING A TREAT FOR ME?”

And when asked something like that in public, of course I am going to say no.  Mainly because I didn’t.  But also because I don’t want people to think I spoil my kids HAHA

When I said “No, I didn’t”, she spat tacks.  Threw a paddy.  SCREAMED.  BLOODY MURDER MUM!  YOU’VE RUINED MY LIFE!

Oh golly was I embarrassed.

I do NOT by any means give my daughter a treat every time I pick her up from Kindy. On the odd occasion I have, however for some reason she thinks, when I go to pick her up, that she’s going to get it.  Every single time.

Mind you, she also thinks that I’m going to take her to the swimming pool – every day.  And every day she is disappointed because we only go on the scheduled swimming lesson day.

These kids get an idea in their head and they run with it.  Every. Single. Day.

But it still makes me feel like I’m a bad parent.  Which I swear I’m not.  I don’t give them a treat every single day – which might lead them to believe they’d have one all the time.

Taurus is my starsign too, and I know a lot of people don’t pay any attention to star signs, but that means I’m stubborn.  And goodness me I am – my husband can attest to that.  So if I am asked, no DEMANDED, for a treat, then I will say no.  Just on the principle! HAHA

Do your kids do anything like this?!  Tell me I’m not alone!

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