Things That Will Make Your Kitchen Better



Things That Will Make Your Kitchen Better

Stumbled across yet another brilliant BuzzFeed compilation of 23 Things That Will Make Your Kitchen Better.  You can read it here and come back and tell me what you think!

My favourites include:

  • The spaghetti canister: allows you to get the correct portion of spaghetti without going over the top.  And we ALL go over the top with spaghetti
  • The drying rack: sits over the sink and allows you to dry your fruit and veggies after you’ve washed them.  No more paper towels!
  • The Coffee Spoon: also doubles as a clip to hold the bag shut.  YES YES YES.
  • Magazine holders for vegetables:  actually a brilliant idea to store your potatoes and onions!

Then there were the ones that I thought were a bit silly:

  • Magnetic spice tins: these go on the outside of your fridge and in my opinion, are a disaster waiting to happen.  Especially in our house!
  • Tissue box: using a tissue box to store your plastic bags.  I’d need a thousand tissue boxes to store the amount we have.
  • Baking soda container:  most of our containers are air tight.  And not sure about the sprinkles stuff haha …
  • A few sets of hooks: to hang your kitchen utensils.  A FEW?!  I’d need a million.  HA!

What about you?  What did you think of this list?



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