I’m Pretty Average

Pretty Average Happy Mum Happy Child

It’s true – I am pretty average …

I’ve written a post before about how I’m a bit of a Mediocre Mum, and it became apparent from you guys that the word MEDIOCRE isn’t quite right.

After running Happy Mum Happy Child for 2 years now, I have realised I am quite AVERAGE at a lot of things.

  • Average at parenting
  • Average at blogging
  • Average at photography
  • Average at being creative
  • Average at being an adult

Just average all around.  I don’t see myself as anything special in any of those areas.  Now don’t get me wrong – I am actually OK with this.  I see people writing the most AMAZING blog posts, to which I inspire to be like, but I’m ok that they’re better than me.  And photography – OHMYGOSH I can’t do a “flatlay” to save my life.  I’m ok with that too.  My Instagram account reflects me and my abilities – no matter how limited they are HAHA ?

I like to think, however, I’m a pretty friendly person.  Easy to get a long with.  I can also type like a motherf***er too – 100wpm with no errors.  The keyboard is my bitch.

But loads of people are friendly, and can type.  It’s not like I’m the only one cornering the market.  But building relationships and friendships, using the keyboard, seem to be something that I excel at.

You guys are pretty awesome, and I like to think of you as my friends.  We did that – together.  So I’m above average at that HAHA

Sorry if this seems a little “pity party”, it’s not meant to be at all.  It’s about me explaining to you guys that I’m pretty average at most things.   And I’m ok with that (to a certain point haha… obviously I have aspirations).

So I hope it’s ok with you guys.  My photo’s aren’t of the highest quality.  Neither are my words.  I’m just me – a South Auckland, stay-at-home-mum of 2.  A bit boring.  And a lot crazy.

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