Easter Activities for Kids


Easter Activities for Kids 01

Do you want some Easter themed activities for your kids?  Look no further!

These are some of the activities I have done with my kids around Easter time.  Please bear in mind these are very simple activities so that both of my kids could take part (at the time they were 1 and 3) …

Also, if you’re wondering where I buy all of my Easter supplies, be sure to check out my Easter Supplies page on Happy Mum Happy Child.

Often what I do is buy the supplies now, at Easter time, and then later in the year pull out the extras for the kids to play with.  These activities can be done at ANY time during the year.  Not just Easter.  Remember: we do what we do to survive haha!

Check out my Pinterest Board for Easter Activities for Kids.  I just pinned a few things I found from around the place that I thought were interesting and I might try with my kids as well.

Do you have a go-to Easter Activity for your kids?  Let me know!



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