It’s A Blessing AND A Curse

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What am I talking about? Fucking Coeliac Disease.

I’ve only been diagnosed for 18 months now, but it’s been the best and worst news I ever received.

It’s a blessing because:

  • I’m forced to cut gluten out, which is good for my health
  • I’m in less pain
  • It’s good for my mental state

Fuck that’s it. That’s all I can think of.

It’s a bloody curse because:

  • It’s taken away my ability to choose – I mean, I can choose to eat gluten-filled foods, but I’ll eventually die from it
  • I love all food, I do not discriminate
  • I love fatty, sugar-filled foods
  • I love McDonald’s
  • It fucks with my mental state
  • I love cream donuts
  • Did I mention I love food?
  • I love having days where all I eat are chips and pizza
  • Mmmm fresh bread
  • I hate thinking “I’m hungry, hmm what can I eat” and there’s literally nothing other than fruit and vegetables
  • Oh yeah and I love ALL FOOD

I totally realise I have grown up with a dependency on food. Which is why I have a problem with my weight – I’m addicted to food. The diagnosis of Coeliac Disease has forced me to confront this addiction and I’m slowly coming to terms with it.

But it’s not easy. Not by any means.

I know there are loads of gluten free alternatives out there on the market – I get it. But honestly nothing compares to gluten-filled foods. NOTHING. If you can make me a Big Mac that’s gluten free then you’re hired!

There is one thing I am grateful for though – wine is gluten free! LOLOLOLLLLLL


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