Just In Case You Missed It …


Just In Case You Missed It …

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Just in case you missed it today on Snapchat (happymumnz), or don’t have Snapchat at all (get it) …  here is my Snapstory downloaded for you guys:

PS sorry it’s in portrait and not landscape (pet peeve of mine) but that’s Snapchat for ya …



Backstory: I went to The Cafe and was a part of a wee parenting panel with Petra Bagust, and Mel Homer. I was also interviewed (maybe 4 mins) by both Mel Homer and Mike Puru.

I was most definitely nervous, but most of all, I was freaking excited. The other guests were amazingly friendly, as was every single person on set. The whole thing was just a really well-oiled machine.

Tune in tomorrow, Wednesday 13th July, to TV3 between 9-10am to see myself and the other guests! I’ll grab a link when I can as well and post it to my Facebook page.

I think the most disappointing part of my day was when I couldn’t find any Pokemon in the TVNZ building (yes The Cafe is TV3, but it’s filmed at TVNZ) …



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