10 Boredom Busters for Young Kids

Whether it’s wet outside, your kids are sick or you need five minutes to yourself. These boredom busters are perfect for keeping your kids entertained:


1. Play-dough
You can make this yourself, using the recipe on my website, or use store bought. I use cookie cutters, butter knives, plates, and other cooking utensils for the kids to play with this. I store my home-made play-dough in a Sistema container and it lasts for WEEKS.

2. Coloured Rice
Preparation of this does need to be done the day before, as it needs time to dry, but once you have it, it lasts for MONTHS and is amazing for kids. Use your baking utensils, put the coloured rice in a baking tray and let your kids go for gold! Vacuuming is required afterwards though – the rice may get everywhere …

3. Coloured Pasta
The same as Coloured Rice – make this the night before as it needs time to dry. Use cooking utensils and let your kids go for it.

4. Mess Free Finger Painting
If you’re anything like me, you hate cleaning up. With this no-mess painting activity, simply put your paint in a bag, tape it to a window and let your kids enjoy!  If you need a paint recipe, to make your own paint, check out the Best Paint Recipe here.

5. Marshmallow Creations
This activity was originally set up for my kids as a Christmas activity, but you can use it for anything as long as you have those small marshmallows in your pantry!

6. Masking Tape Town
I know you can buy the Road Tape from Kmart (it’s in the kids activity aisle), but if you want to save on money and have regular tape at home, and a marker, you can create your own town!

7. Cheerio Stacking Tower
Playdough + Spaghetti + Cheerios = boredom buster. Great for toddlers!

8. Tea Party
If you have young kids (under 4) then having a tea party is perfect!

9. Magic Coloured Milk
This is quite a neat science-type experiment that is awesome to watch.

10. Movie Day
It’s ok to put a movie on if you are struggling for things to do with your kids!


You can also pull out old toys the kids have never seen before.  Or use the good old Lego – get your kids creative juices flowing by asking them to make specific designs!

Or you could simply just give your kids free-reign on your house and see what they do … like my kid! She used my liners as a blanket / clothes ????


Of course, you can check out the other many activities on my Activities for Kids page.


10 Boredom Busters for Young Kids

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