So some of you will have seen on my Snapchat story (happymumnz) that I was trying on outfits for my interview tomorrow on The Cafe.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am worried. I am overwhelmed with emotion.

You’d think that given I am in front of a camera all the time, I’d be ok with it, but you’re wrong.

Being in front of my own camera is something that I am in control of. I know what I’m going to say, and if I act like too much of a dick, I just delete it and do it again.

It’s not as simple as that for a TV show.

The interview tomorrow is all about Happy Mum Happy Child and it’s history and community. I’m also going to be a part of a parenting panel with Mel Homer, and Petra Bagurst.

One of my biggest fears is that I’ll be asked a question, and I’m going to answer it like a moron. Or worse, I won’t know how to answer it at all – even though I roughly know what I’ll be asked haha.

Another huge problem I have, is how I look. I know the camera “adds 10 pounds” so am not looking forward to seeing how I look on the other end of it!

These are the outfits I tried on today and showed to my Snapchat audience. Trust me when I say these are good angles …

Tomorrow on The Cafe
Images from happymumnz on Snapchat

Feel free to join me on Snapchat (happymumnz) and I’ll snap as much of my time there as possible!

The Cafe airs every day on TV 3 between 9-10am. It’s a lifestyle / entertainment type show, and includes food, interviews, news, and more! It’s hosted by Mel Homer and Mike Puru – I’m pretty stoked to be meeting these two!

The interview / parenting panel is being recorded tomorrow, and it will air on Wednesday 13th July between 9-10am.

Of course it’ll be online, so if you miss it, you can catch it later ????


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