The Perfect Parent

The Perfect Parent

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There is no such thing as the perfect parent. Only parents who want the best for their kids.

The confusion is sometimes when one opinion, one lifestyle, differs from another.

I see it all the time online. I even get told in private messages that I’m the “perfect parent”. And we all know that I am far from it.

People throw around the word “perfect parent” as an insult in online forums, and this is where a lot of the misconception lies.

What I think. How I raise my kids – is my way. What you think. How you raise your kids – is your way. No one is perfect. We just want the best for our family. For our kids.


The other day I wrote a post about how after 5 days of not eating, my girl ate a whole heap of yoghurt. I was filled with joy at the prospect of her starting to eat again – so I took a photo and sent it to my husband. Absolute joy that she might be on the mend!

There was more than one opinion of this, one was that I was supporting a brand that they disagreed with (I’ll cover that another time), and another opinion that I shouldn’t have given her yoghurt given that she is already sick.

After 5 days of not eating – if she asks for McDonald’s I’ll oblige. It’s just a fact. I was over the moon that she was eating, and honestly – yoghurt isn’t the worst in the world. IN MY OPINION.

I then went out to do the grocery shopping, and posted how I was upset. I am a huge believer that we interpret people’s comments ourselves, and I freely admitted that given my mental state I had probably been super sensitive and looked too much into the comments.

A lot of people supported me, and for that I am eternally grateful. In fact, you have no idea how grateful I am. But the word “perfect parent” got thrown around a lot and I just wanted to address it. Especially now that I’ve had a sleep and my mental state is way better.


I just want to reassure you, that those people who told me yoghurt was bad for my girl, aren’t perfect. No one is. I don’t know the full science behind it but I do know that a whole load of people have benefitted from coming completely off dairy.

I am a big believer in keeping an open mind, so that I can learn. I make mistakes – as a parent, as a wife, as a human being. I am not perfect.

But one thing I am proud of is my ability to see both sides of the coin. To be open to change, and other people’s opinions. I don’t agree with everyone, and I certainly do have my own ideas – but I am open.

One thing this whole experience has taught me is that no one is perfect. There is no such thing as the perfect parent.


I challenge you, as a reader and writer on social media to keep an open mind as well. Before you write a comment remember that on the other side of the screen, is a mother wanting the best for her child.

As a writer, please remember that words are up for interpretation by everyone, and how you write them might not be how they are read.

As a reader, please remember that our emotions, our state of mind, affect how we interpret things. One person’s comment may not be directed at you, or mean what you think.

As a reader and writer, please keep an open mind. I always try to, and I am inundated with over 10,000 comments and private messages each week.

To those who don’t agree with my parenting decisions and choices: it’s ok. You don’t have to agree. But know that I am always up to be educated, and I believe there is a place for everyone’s opinions on my page.

Thank you all for your support over the last 48 hours. You have no idea how much it has meant to me. We will continue this parenting journey together and be educated and do the best for our kids – because that’s what we do.

And if you’re wondering – yes, I’m still going to give my girl yoghurt ????

Edited to add: we are only perfect in our child’s eyes, and that’s really all that matters ????


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