Keeping It Real


I sometimes see people’s comments about me saying “she keeps it real as a parent” (said in the positive). Or sometimes people will say “so much for keeping it real Maria” (said in the negative); and it got me thinking about what “keeping it real” actually means to people.

Let’s just break it down first by visiting our favourite online definition website: Urban Dictionary.

Keeping it real: not being fake or influenced. Being true to yourself and your values, but more importantly, being true to innate values that all people acknowledge as respectable. Not frontin, or inhibiting yourself or pretending to be something your not; but also not following dominant values that should not be acceptable.

So in other words, it’s to stay true to one’s self; to resist the temptation to be fake.

I’m not acting like someone else, I’m trying to keep it real.”


All of us are, in one way or another, influenced by things in life. By our family, our friends, by ads we see on tv; pretty much by everything in life actually.

When people talk about me “keeping it real”, I often think they’re referring to the fact that I just do my own thing and am not overly concerned with how everyone else does it – I’m just doing it my way. I show my life without dressing it up as anything more than it is – which just happens to be my reality.

You guys all know that my house is less than perfect. Heck the lounge is a cluttered mess, the walls are unpainted, we have no vanity unit in the bathroom and our fence isn’t even finished. You guys see this every day on my Snapchat (happymumnz). That’s about as real as it gets.


However I don’t show you guys EVERY single thing in my life. I don’t normally show my kids when they’re upset, or angry with me or each other; and I usually don’t show them when they’re fighting. I also don’t show my kids when they’re naked.

I don’t show or talk about when Phil and I have arguments or disagree with each other. I also try not to show where my house is, or where my kids go to school.

I don’t show you when I fart, or burp (well sometimes I do LOL), or when I’m shovelling my face full of McDonald’s.

Just because I don’t show any of those things, doesn’t mean I’m not keeping it real: it means I don’t feel the need to show you every single thing in my life. It means at some point I need some privacy. It does not mean I am fake.

This goes the other way too – if I show my kids’ lunch, and it’s not the same as your child’s lunch, doesn’t mean I’m not keeping it real. If my kids wear some clothes from an expensive brand (which they don’t but …), it doesn’t mean I’m not keeping it real. My reality is different to your reality.

Life would be boring if we were all the same, don’t you think?

You may just relate to me differently because of these things, but it doesn’t mean I’m not keeping it real, or being fake.


When it comes to the sponsored content I do – I also try and keep it as real as possible with you guys. I disclose as much as possible where possible, and I feel I am very open about this. AND YES, I have actually addressed the Kmart thing. Several times in fact …

All products, brands and services I personally would use and/or believe in. This means I can talk genuinely about them because I’m staying true to myself.

I keep it as real with you guys as I feel I need to. I know that what you see / hear from me is about as real as it gets. I am being true to myself and my family without completely taking away our privacy.

I do my best in a world where I am still learning every single day about the internet and what I’m doing.

Keeping It Real

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