Kids Chores Around The Kitchen

I get asked a lot “when should I start letting my kids help out around the house”, and my answer always is “when you think they can do it“.

I don’t necessarily think there’s a set time at which a bell rings and suddenly they can do stuff. I think each child is different, and will be able to do different things at different stages.

Often the reason a child doesn’t do something is because you don’t think they’re ready. Heck, I’m exactly like that.

However, after seeing my kids at Kindergarten, I certainly know I underestimate how much they can actually do.

I’ve seen my kids sweeping, tidying up, cleaning, putting toys away, nailing nails into a board, sawing a board with a saw … SO MANY THINGS.

Pretty sure they figured out how to put socks on while at Kindy HAHA

Anyway, this got me thinking what they could start doing around the house so I did a bit of research. I saw some amazing suggestions and decided to put together my own list. This includes things I think my children can do as well:

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Do your kids help around the kitchen? What do they do?

Kids Chores around the kitchen


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