Kmart Features Children with Disabilities


Kmart Features Children with Disabilities on the One News website:

As if I needed any more reasons to love Kmart, they go and do this.  Bravo Kmart.  BRAVO!

Kmart Features Children with Disabilities by Happy Mum Happy Child

Customer feedback on the retailer’s Facebook page has been positive with one mother posting, “I thank you for doing your bit to normalise kids with disabilities!”

In other Kmart news, Kmart is opening it’s Bethlehem doors tomorrow.  Isn’t that awesome!  It’s been a long time coming!

I read on the Bethlehem Town Centre Facebook Page that there will be loads of giveaways, face painting, ice cream and heaps of kids entertainment.  So it sounds like it’ll be a great family day at Kmart!

Now all we need is online shopping and our lives will be complete.  Glass of wine and late night Kmart shopping on our computer 😂

Are you from Tauranga?  Are you going to the new Kmart?



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