Lego Tape?!


Lego Tape?!

The latest thing to hit us parents is now lego tape. It’s currently in it’s crowdfunding stage through Nimuno Loops project on Indiegogo. Basically it’s a sticky tape that turns any surface into a Lego building site.

Here it is in action:

Lego Tape Is A Thing And Your Kids Are Going To Want It

Lego Tape Is A Thing And Your Kids Are Going To Want It

While I think it’s an awesome idea, did anyone think about the parents who used to be able to contain the lego in a container? Now lego will literally be everywhere.

On the fridge. In the bath. On the windows.

Next the walls will be covered in lego.

If you thought standing on lego was a problem, I would imagine walking into it with your face would also be an issue.

Whilst it’s a neat idea, I’m not sure if I really want lego in the bath and in places it really shouldn’t be LOLOL



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