Friday Favourites: The One About Feeling Blah

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Friday Favourites: The One About Feeling Blah

I’ve felt really blah this week. Probably because I’m not eating properly. I’m eating shit, I’m not drinking enough water, and I’m hard on myself mentally. Never a good sign. Tomorrow is Chloe’s birthday party – she turned 5 in December but we never did anything about it because we’re lazy and it was December. Way too close to Christmas for our liking. Finally it’s upon us and we’re all a little nervous as to how it will go!

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We scored some awesome Siku World sets from Trade Me this week for only $60. If you are familiar with Siku, you will know they are amazing quality toys, but can be expensive the bigger they get. So TWO sets for $60 is an absolute steal.

Scored TWO big @siku_nz sets from Trade Me for $60. The kids have fought over them so much ??

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FAVOURITE: Ronan’s Haircut

If you follow me on Snapchat (happymumnz) you would have seen that yesterday I took Ronan to Just Cuts in Sylvia Park. It’s the first time he’s officially had his hair cut, and I was impressed! The women there were fantastic, and the fact they had a cute little cape and a dvd for him to watch was just beyond amazing. He sat still like a gem and let his hair be cut. 

Prior to this, I did it myself. When Chloe was his age, she screamed the whole time her hair was cut. So naturally we were really apprehensive about ever going again. Thank goodness Ronan is a chilled out little dude!


FAVOURITE: The Lowdown Series

This week (and last) I started a series called “The Lowdown” – basically it’s where I give the lowdown on a topic. I have covered Poo Disposal, Cloth Nappies and our Grocery Bill. Be sure to keep an eye out on more of these – a new one each week!


FAVOURITE: OOB Oobie Joobie Ice Cream

We got sent a container of the new OOB Oobie Joobie Ice Cream. It was a HIT with 2/3 of us. I can’t say it was a 3/3 only because my boy looked at me like “WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME EAT” … I think he would have eaten it if he’d truly understood the gravity of what was in front of him.

OOB is a 100% organic ice cream – so the jubes in the newest one are also organic. Basically it’s like Goodie Goodie Gum Drops – but organic. And bloody delicious!



My kids push me to the brink of insanity but they also push me to discover myself. This week my 5 year old asked me so many questions and told me so many things that I thought my brain would explode. I’ll let you know what exactly they are later on, but for now just believe me when I say “I cannot believe the things that came out of my 5 year olds mouth this week” …


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