Melissa Loses It

Melissa Loses It 01This is the first time I’ve written a blog like this, but I am so in love with Melissa and her journey, that I feel I need to let you all know.

Melissa is a mother, a wife, and a lovely person.  I met her once, at a bloggers brunch.  When she told me who she was, I instantly remembered her blog, because I’d been reading it.  Then, while at the brunch, I pulled the blog up on my phone, and saw her “before” photo and could not believe the transformation I saw.  It was like a completely different person.  I seriously couldn’t believe that was her, before her surgery.

Melissa’s blog is called Melissalosesit.  It’s all about her journey post gastric bypass surgery, and the struggles she’s had and how hard she has been working to ensure nothing stops her from becoming that person again.  She blogs to speak openly and honestly about it so that others who have had the surgery can connect together.  And she blogs to start a conversation going with others who are thinking about having the surgery done.

While we were at the brunch I asked a lot of questions, as I was genuinely curious about the procedure and what her life was like now.

Melissa Loses It 03
It doesn’t even look like her in the before shot!

I always thought that when you have surgery like that, you just eat less and lose weight, because your stomach is smaller.

Yes, on a basic level that is true, but it is so much more than that.  Melissa has to literally watch what she eats because if she eats too much of the wrong thing, it can make her very sick.  The part where her stomach is smaller is only a small part (excuse the pun) of the whole process.

The decision to have the surgery, on her part, was a decision that wasn’t taken lightly.   In her latest blog she says that because she went through the public system, she had to wait a long time.  Which meant time to research, time to think, time to decide if this is what she really wants.

Once you have a surgery like this you have to be committed to the change it’s going to bring, and I have so much admiration for Melissa and her continued dedication to making it work.  Not just for her, but for her family.  For their future together.

I highly recommend you go and check out Melissa’s blog, and follow her on Facebook.  She doesn’t know I’m writing this, so I’m sure it will be a nice surprise to see a few new faces 🙂

Keep doing what you’re doing Melissa – I think you are amazing 😀


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