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1 Player DadI haven’t met Ben personally, but have seen him share links to his blog through a Facebook Bloggers page that I am a part of.

Since becoming a blogger myself, it has opened my eyes to so many others out there on their own journey, and for some reason Ben’s blog really clicks with me – even though I’m not a solo parent.


You don’t often see the other side of the coin – the male perspective of fatherhood.  And even more so, of solo parenting.

Ben is a solo dad who lives in Wellington, New Zealand.  He’s a self-confessed lover of gaming (hence the title of his blog), and has been known to break dance.

His daughter is now 3 years old, and Ben has a lot of experience under his belt.  He has had highs and lows, and as such has put together an E-Book that you can download – it’s called the 1 Player Dad Strategy Guide.

Avoid the dumb mistakes I made, and do the things that worked sooner!

11742623_962753927122682_5802628565388685278_nHe admits he’s not perfect, and has made mistakes, but he knows that he has grown from them and now wants to help other Dad’s, other parents get through the solo parenting challenge.

A few of the great blogs from Ben that I recommend you read:

Are All Guys Potential Pedophiles?
Perception and Reality in Male-Child Interactions.

Do The Dad Dance
As a semi-retired rapdancefighter, Ben thought it was a great excuse to dust off the old dancing shoes for a good cause.

Shopping for Girls Clothes
You know this one’s going to be hilarious.


I highly recommend you check out Ben’s blog, and his accompanying Facebook page.  He’d love to have everyone on board his journey, so if you know of any parents or Dad’s (solo or not) that would be interested in his blog, please share this with them.

And from me personally, Ben I think blogging about your journey is the awesomest thing ever, and very brave of you to share your journey so far, and offer advice to others.  You’ll get back to gaming eventually – as a gamer myself, I still haven’t unlocked the “parenting completed” mode (I don’t think I ever will), so hardly ever game anymore.  You’re still doing a great job, so thanks for blogging about it 😀

Shot bro.


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I LOVE Ben’s blog. I don’t think enough men talk about their parenting journey and it’s great to see things from a different perspective.

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