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How I started 05One of my lovely team members on Facebook asked me why I started Happy Mum Happy Child, so thought I’d throw a quick post together to let you know a little bit of background about how I started on this crazy journey.  I’ll try to keep it brief …

When my daughter was 2 years old, and my son was born (2014), I had to think of things for her to do to keep her amused, so I looked to Pinterest for ideas.  Thus, I started me down the “activity ideas” path.

Then, as I was sharing my photos with my unsuspecting Facebook friends, and fielding their requests on how to do these activities, my mate Tracey (amazing person and owner of August Boutique) kept saying “you should start a Facebook page to share these ideas”.  So, lil old nervous me, took her advice and started the page.

How to make coloured rice, magic coloured milk, and cheerio stackers are just some of the few activites I’ve documented on my website.  I’ve also got a whole heap of recipes, including allergy friendly ones.  And a bunch of crap about parenting LOLOLOL …

How I started 02
Cheerio Stackers
How I started 06
Magic Milk
How I started 01
Coloured Rice





After a few months, Tracey (August Boutique) asked me to review a couple of her products, to see what I genuinely thought.  Through this experience, I got a lot more requests to do product reviews, which I graciously accepted.  What a gift – to be able to review someone’s product for them!  So far, all the products I’ve reviewed have been great, so I haven’t had anything negative to say.

There were a couple that Tracey asked me to review and when I gave my honest opinion, we decided together it was best not to post the review and she has since pulled the products from her collection.  So I am honest in what I do 🙂  And if you were ever to ask me about the products (specifically), then I would tell you what I thought of it.

My team (that’s you!) seemed to appreciate my honesty and who I was, so my base has grown quite considerably over the last year.

As such, I get approached from time-to-time by Public Relations companies to do work for them.  Sometimes I say yes, and sometimes I say no.  As most of you know, I like to keep my FB posts at an 80/20 ratio – 80% me, 20% other.

As I already have my sponsors to look after, this takes up a lot of my schedule, so I don’t have a lot of room for more.

So yeah … that’s my journey so far.  I still have a solid base of kid’s activities, recipes, parenting advice and things to do in general.  But I also do a whole lot more stuff now.

How I started by Happy Mum Happy Child 01
I am an idiot
How I started by Happy Mum Happy Child 02
And I pull stupid faces
How I started by Happy Mum Happy Child 03
But I love my family






I am adamant that I remain true to myself and be me.  Even if I seem like a dick – that’s who I am.  I’m honest.  I’m an idiot.  I know what I like.   My family is everything, and keeping sane is really, really important to me.

I love sharing what I do with you guys, and finding awesome things that I think might interest you.  I love going to Kmart and taking sneaky selfies to share with you guys.  I feel like Happy Mum Happy Child has turned into a wee family of awesome and crazy people (crazy like me LOLOLOL).

In another post, I’ll explain how FB businesses work when it comes to bloggers, and how PR companies work – this will be from my perspective.  I obviously haven’t been in the game that long, so haven’t had a huge amount of experience.  But it would be nice for you guys to know what the heck I’m doing and why haha …

How I started 04

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Keryn Campbell

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I love the realness of it.

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