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The metal slide at the Margaret Mahy Playground in Christchurch

More drama llama surrounding the lack of shade on our playgrounds.  Now guys, just to reitterate this – although I am approaching the Auckland Council about this, my ranty-mcrants are about ALL playgrounds that are open in New Zealand.

My number one reporter in the field, Amanda, sent me a link to this article in Stuff.

Basically a child burnt their hand quite badly on the big metal slide on the Margaret Mahy Playground in Christchurch.

Many of you have complained about this playground to me, so it will probably come as no surprise that this has happened.

A 6-year-old Christchurch girl burnt her fingers on the metal slide at the Margaret Mahy Family Playground as the Government continues to “investigate options” for more shade cover.

What annoyed me about the article was the fact that the playground was built RECENTLY without protection from the sun.

They built a METAL SLIDE out in the open.  Honestly, did they not talk about this situation?  Did they not discuss the fact that it will get hot?

Surely in their planning stage they would have noted that the sun is hot in the summer.  Providing “slide mats” is hardly a solution when the entire slide is burning hot.  Just touch the sides and it burns ….

A member of the Christchurch City Council said “We made the decision to use stainless steel for the slides because it is durable enough to withstand thousands of uses for many years to come.”

Sorry but what use is it for thousands of years if the kids can’t even play on it.

As a parent we do our best with our kids.  We “should” check the slides before they go down them – that’s what every man and his dog will say.

Honestly – we’re human.  We make mistakes and we forget to do things.  I am still surprised at how hot a slide can get – even a plastic one!

Surely if you’re going to build a playground it should be able to be played on even in the heat of the day.  It’s not as if we live in the desert!

Gosh, on a rant again …

Here’s what our playgrounds NEED to look like:

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Are you from Christchurch?  What do you think of this happening?


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