They’re Growing Up



My girl just started back at Kindy today, and while that’s not unusual, she is doing full days now instead of half days.  So will be finishing at 2.30 instead of 12.30.  That’s a huge difference in time for her (and me!).

ALSO, my boy (who has just turned 2) will be dropping one of his sleeps and only having one a day.

He used to have a sleep around 9am, and then at 1pm.  But because of the Kindy pick up time, I’ve had to just give him one sleep.

So I put him down at 11.30, with the hopes he will wake up around 2.  Then we can sprint off and pick the girl up.

This will also mean an earlier bed time for both kids.

And my girl ALSO still has one day sleep a day.  But again, because of Kindy, she’ll have to drop it.

The kids also play together.  Like actually amuse themselves TOGETHER.  Yes they fight (what kid doesn’t) … but they’re doing things TOGETHER.  Without the need for me.  HUGE STEP.

SOOO yes they are growing up, and things are changing, but hopefully it means they are both in bed around 730pm at night.

WOW.  I won’t know what to do with myself!!!

Although, in saying that, sometimes my girl can take TWO hours to go to sleep.  FML, I have no idea what to do about that haha …

What time do your kids go to bed??  Any suggestions about the amount of time it takes my girl to go to sleep?



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