Mud Mates Fleece Lined Overpants


Mud Mates Fleece Lined Overpants

Mud Mates Overpants 02


Winter is well-and-truly upon us – cold and miserable days are here to stay.  I actually love Winter, but hate the fact the kids get trapped inside. Mud Mates have got you covered for all of your Winter Water-proof clothing needs – specifically the Fleece Lined Overpants.


The Fleece Lined Overpants from Mud Mates are large enough to fit over the top of existing clothes, or they can be worn on their own. The Overpants prevent constant clothing changes and save loads of washing, as well as protecting children’s clothes from wear and tear. Mud Mates protective Overpants are quick and easy to get on and off over your child’s gumboots or shoes.

Also, I got this cool personalised water-proof bag.  So you can store your Overpants in it, and then if you’re out and you need to store the wet pants, you can put them in this bag and it’ll keep it from getting everywhere.  PERFECT!

The bags aren’t up on the website yet but they will be soon! In the meantime, email Alana to place an order.

Mud Mates Overpants 01


I chose an extremely cold (well cold for me) and miserable day to put my boy in his Fleece Lined Overpants.  Because they’re so warm, I wasn’t worried at all that he would get cold.  We went outside in our gumboots and he frolicked happily around, playing with his cars.

After 30 minutes or so, we came inside for the obligatory snack break, and he was warm and dry.  WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR!?

Mud Mates Overpants 04


Mud Mates Fleece Lined Overpants come in a wide range of colours – green, navy, pink, red and royal blue, all of which are lined with microfleece.

Available in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Larger sizes are available on request, just email Alana.

Mud Mates 01


Mud Mates have got a special deal for all Happy Mum Happy Child Readers – $5 off your Fleece Lined Overpants!  Just use the code HAPPYMUM when checking out.  Get to it quick though, this offer only lasts until the 6th June 2016.



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