Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It’s hard being stuck inside ALL DAY as a family.  Sometimes it feels like you’re going to go crazy.  Well have no fear!  I’ve got you covered for a rainy day.

As a Mum it can be overwhelming not being able to get out, but trust me when I say – your kids won’t feel that.  They’re kids.  They’ll be ok with anything you do for them.  Setting up an activity for them, and then having a coffee, is not against the rules.

Here are 11 rainy day activities for kids that will hopefully help keep you all sane:


1. Play Dough

Playdough Inside 02

Make your own play-dough – takes less than 5 minutes and it’s ready for the day.  Check out my recipe for play-dough here.


2. Baking

Baking Inside

Baking simple things on a rainy day is quite possibly THE BEST.  I’ve got a whole heap of really easy recipes that you and your kids can  bake together:


3. Build a Fort

Fort Inside

You can use chairs to build a fort, the table, even the clothes horse.  Get the sheets out, and let the kids go for gold.  I’ve served meals in a fort, and built a fort in front of the TV so that the kids could watch a movie whilst being in the fort ????


4. Movie Day

Movies Inside

There is nothing wrong with watching a couple of movies and just blobbing out.  Pick a new movie (like HOME) or an old-school classic (like GOONIES).  Then snuggle up together with some popcorn and enjoy!

Our favourites at the moment are:

  • Wreck it Ralph
  • Home
  • Epic
  • The Good Dinosaur (although the kids do get a bit scared at the beginning)
  • Cars 2 (only because Netflix removed the original Cars)
  • Robots


5. Get Outside

Outside Inside

Kids actually (for the most part) love water!  So let them get outside and play in the rain.  Let them jump in the puddles. Just make sure they are well covered.  Mud Mates have some amazing coveralls and fleece lined gear that is PERFECT for this. Even if your kid does get wet, just change them afterwards and they’ll be fine.


6. Coloured Rice

Coloured Rice Inside

Coloured rice does take a bit of preparation, and you have to wait for it to dry, but when it’s ready it’s amazing.  My kids honestly have had HOURS of fun with coloured rice.


7. Masking Tape Town

Masking Tape Town Inside

You can buy special road tape from Kmart (apparently, I have never found it though!), or you could just use regular tape and draw on it with a marker.  GENIUS! Masking Tape Towns are honestly the best.


8. Lego & Trains

Trains Inside 02

These two are favourites in our house regardless of the weather.  So when the weather turns bad, the kids step it up a notch and really go full steam (excuse the pun) with both.  You can pick up cheap train and lego sets from Kmart or Trade Me.  They’re a must to have in any household regardless if you have boys, girls or both.


9. Busy Bags

Busy Bags Inside

We have accumulated several Busy Bags in our house and they are seriously lifesavers.  Not only entertaining, but they are educational and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting at least one.


10. Dressup

Dressup Inside

Just let your kids go through your wardrobe and wear whatever they want.  Or let them wear anything of their own clothes.  Often it turns into a fun game which can keep them amused for HOURS!


11. Toy Tea Party

Tea Party Inside

Get your kids involved and let them put together a tea party for the toys!  This is, weirdly, always a hit in our house.


Be sure to check out the rest of my Activities For Kids, as I’m sure there are many other things for you guys to do together. Being stuck inside doesn’t have to be a chore – it actually can be LOADS of fun.

Let me know your go-to activity / idea for a rainy day!


Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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