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I’ve written about this before.  The Truths of Parenting.  You can read it here.  I’ve actually just started a video series about this – you can watch my videos on my Happy Mum Happy Child YouTube page (SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!) … or specifically the first one right here:

Want to know the truth?  For me, parenting isn’t easy.

It’s bloody hard.

Now you might be reading this thinking “what is she on about, being a parent isn’t hard at all” – and that’s cool.  You have to remember everyone has a different experience in life.  Wouldn’t life be boring if we all saw and did things the same way!?

However, that doesn’t mean others don’t have it hard.

People have had it way harder than me.  Heck, I’ll admit to that.  Colic, reflux, other complications … the list goes on!  But for me personally, what I experienced was hard.

The sleep deprivation in itself, to start with, KILLED ME.  Absolutely KILLED ME.  Ruined me as a human being.  It is seriously a form of torture.  I will never EVER forget that.

Then the realisation that you’ll never get your life back.  You know, the one before you have kids.  The one you spend 20 odd years (ROUGHLY!) getting experience in.  Yeah that.  You’ll never get that back.  Not really – because you have another person to look after.  Before parenthood, you only had yourself to worry about.

Then there’s the added shit on top of it – depression.

Some of us get depression.  Some of us don’t.  Doesn’t make our story any less valid.  Parenting is still hard.

Ultimately the joys of parenting, and raising a child balances it all out.  It’s completely and utterly worth the hard times.  I get it.

Tonight, I had to pull a plaster off of my daughter’s knee.  She screamed at me like I was attacking her.  It completely and utterly broke my heart.  So I cried.  A lot.  In fact the image above is of me after I cried, hence it’s in black and white.  If you want to see the real photo, follow me on Snapchat – happymumnz.

I like to think of Happy Mum Happy Child as a haven for EVERY single parent out there.  Regardless of your background or history.  We are all in this parenting thing together.  We might experience it differently, but the goal is the same – remain sane whilst loving and raising our children.

This series I’m starting on my YouTube channel (and will post on my Facebook and Instagram) is dedicated to the truths of parenting. You might relate to it, you might not – but it is what it is… reality for a lot of people.  So although you might not find it useful or helpful, a lot of others might.

Will you join me on this trip to promoting the truths of parenting? 


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