Mum Creates Amazing Playhouse Under The Stairs For Her Daughter

I don’t have a cupboard under the stairs, but if I did, it would probably be full of crap. Let’s be honest, if there’s ever a storage space available, it’ll be full of junk. HOWEVER, I would DREAM of turning it into something amazing – either a Harry Potter themed room, or a kids play room.

One Mum from Scotland did just this and with the help of her partner, created the most amazing playhouse under the stairs for her daughter.

Karen Adamson, from Midlothian in Scotland, decided to utilise the space so that her daughter Holly would have an area of her own to play in.

With the help of her partner Kevin, it took less than a day for the pair to put together this wee room.


“I did the project on a Sunday afternoon with my partner Kevin, it was 3pm by the time we started so it ended up being a late night making sure it was ready for the wee one the next day,” Karen said.

The space under the stairs already had a small door, so they changed it slightly to look like a house door, and added a window.

“We cut out a hole for the window, lined it with MDF and used skirting board for the frame, we also made the cross on the windows from MDF. All these materials were from B&Q,” Karen, 37, said.

Using deals from B&M they added paint, wallpaper and a window box – then put in a some brass hardware and a working doorbell found on Amazon.


Holly, her daughter,  is of course a huge fan of it and loves playing in it.

Because their house is small, they haven’t got a dining room, so Holly loves pretending to make dinner for everyone in her own little space.



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