Emojis for Mums!

Emojis for Mums

Emojis for Mums


Someone finally came up with some actual emojis for Mums and they’re pretty epic. They do focus on the pregnant / birthing / new mum, but it’s a start!

The EmojiMom app is available on iOS for $1.99, with plans to expand to Android soon … here are SOME of the emoji’s that are available:

Mum Emojis 01 Mum Emojis 02 Mum Emojis 03 Mum Emojis 04 Mum Emojis 05 Mum Emojis 06 Mum Emojis 07 Mum Emojis 08

HILARIOUS!  I’ll be using these all the time when sending messages to my husband. He’s going to get sick of them real fast but IDGAF ????


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