My Emotional Girl

My Emotional Girl 01 by Happy Mum Happy ChildAfter quite an experience at the Kindy pickup today, I thought I would seek some advice from you guys – see what you think.

I’ll set the scene: Every Monday, the Kindy class goes to a farm for the morning.  This is where they get to do farm activities like help milk the cows, feed the lambs, feed the horses, and just have fun outdoors.  Us parents drop them off there at 8.30am, and they walk back to the Kindy from the farm at about 11.30am.  It’s a pretty full on time, and as one of the Mum’s who has helped volunteer, I can attest to the fact that it is TIRING.

I always pick her up from Kindy, and am often there earlier than the required pickup time, just so she doesn’t freak out.

Today, I thought “I’ll meet them at the playground”, which is a stop on their way back to Kindy.  My 18 month old was happily playing, when I started to see the kids coming across the field.  Unfortunately my girl saw me first and burst into tears.  And not just quiet tears, I’m talking full on screaming.  A meltdown.

The teachers then acknowledged she needed to go first to get to me, which she did.  And then she proceeded to cry all the way back to Kindy.

To say I was embarrassed is beyond an understatement.

This sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME (not just on Farm days).  Over little things too.  When she’s not getting her way, tears.  When she thinks I’m doing something I shouldn’t be, tears.

Often I pick her up from Kindy and my first words to her will be “it’s ok Chloe, you don’t need to cry” … this is said the moment she sees me.  To try and mitigate any tears.

Some of this, I realise, is all a part of being a toddler / pre-schooler.  And possibly being tired.  That I get.  It’s just the constant emotion / flow of tears that I don’t understand and don’t know how to deal with.

I used to say “it’s ok Chloe, let’s breathe through it together”, and I would get her to try and focus on my breathing and help her.

However, when it happens somewhere public like Kindy, my first response is usually to say “that’s enough, you don’t need to cry”, and be more abrupt and have anger in my voice.

A lot of people have told me that she is more emotional than a lot of children, and that they don’t know what to do in my shoes… so this is me seeking your advice – Have you guys had any experience with a super emotional toddler / pre-schooler?  Do you have any tips for me?  Truly appreciate anything at this point.

Also, as a side note, I do realise this is not about me.  This is about my girl learning to deal with her emotions.  I need some pointers to help me help her … if that makes sense.  The whole getting embarrassed thing, well that’s something I just need to get over HAHA


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